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Korean Kimchi Soup

Before you say anything, we admit it: this may not be the most traditional kimchi soup recipe you’ve ever encountered. For starters, the requisite pork belly is – for obvious reasons – absent (but not missed) in our version. We’ve … Continue reading

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Sushi is for Lovers: A Quick Valentine’s Guide to Vegan Sushi

In need of last-minute Valentine’s Day surprise that’ll knock the socks off of your prospective sweetheart? Sushi is a great way to make a fast, relatively inexpensive, and altogether romantic dinner for two. Making your own sushi rolls together can … Continue reading

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Kung Pao Tempeh

Yes, that’s right. Kung Pao Tempeh. Our meatless take on the Chinese take-out standby, the spicy Kung Pao Chicken, this dish is perfect for those jonesing for a better meat substitute. Tempeh is high in protein and absorbs flavors very … Continue reading

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